Friday, June 06, 2008

Lies About Hillary

Yes, yes, move on. Everyone has moved on except...for those who are still maligning, insulting, demeaning, berating and sullying Hillary and her supporters and everything they've stood for.

And that's just from progressives and friends. Call her a skeptic and a heretic, but the howler remains unconvinced; she's just not quite ready to move on.

This race has been tough on all of us. No matter what people say, Hillary is the toughest woman in America. She helped Obama grow and showed him exactly what it is like to be scrutinized by the public. I know she is disappointed as are you and her other dedicated supporters. If Obama had to concede to Clinton, I would not be happy either. I hope in time, we will all come together for the good of the Democratic Party and everything it stands for. I hope we all realize that it was the Democratic Party who had a woman and an African-American running for the most powerful position on Earth. We should be proud of both candidates and of our party. I know you are not a fan of Obama, but we need your support. You are also what makes the Democratic party strong and proud and it will take everything we have to try to turn Virginia blue. If you think you could ever come around to support Obama, I welcome you and thank you most graciously!
I know how hard it is when you know you have a great candidate and they do not win- after all we are democrats! I have so much respect for Hillary but i supported Obama for my own personal reasons- but i still reminded my 6 year old daughter every day what an amazing thing she was doing- and I reserved a hotel room in DC for Jan 20th telling her she would see history no matter which democrat won the nomination. So for now i offer you a Hug and hope that in time you see that we are all still on the same side.
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