Sunday, June 22, 2008

Hypocritical Shanty

Last summer, The Washington Post published a story about Hillary Clinton's plunging neckline and her revealing cleavage and how it all proved that she wanted "to be engaged in a particular way."

A quickie in the back seat; a wantom ravaging thrust behind the bushes. How about a little necking on the Senate floor???

This morning, in one of the most brazenly insolent pieces of writing, The Washington Post bemoans how poor little Michelle is getting no help from the feminists, i.e., Hillary supporters, after being derisively called "baby mama" by Fox News.

Michelle Obama has become an issue in the presidential campaign even though she isn't running for anything. An educated, successful lawyer, devoted wife and caring mother has been labeled "angry" and unpatriotic.
Well, last time anyone checked, Michelle was running for First Lady. But be that as it may, she might get a little more respect from feminist types if next time she decides to go on national television to burnish her image she puts on some damn clothes.

A middle aged women wearing a plunging neckline with her dress up to her face cheeks isn't exactly dignified. It's like crying for the audience to bang her, remember?

Besides, who the hell picked out Michelle's outfit, for crying out loud, Larry Flynt or Frederick's of Hollywood? She looks like a dance hall floozy; and yes, the howler knows how sexist that sounds but in light of all the ballyhoo about Hillary's décolletage in the very same newspaper less than a year ago, griping about the meanies, publishing a pic of Michelle wearing a mini skirt and then throwing race into the pot as a coda is a sure-fire way to get the howler to discard every word in the writer's shanty and to howl away at her keyboard. The dramatic irony is just too delicious.

I've long been frustrated, as a black woman and a feminist, with our national conversation. I didn't hear the cause speaking up for women of color or for women who have always worked in blue-collar or service jobs. Choice was not their issue.

[...]As a journalist, I have stayed neutral about political candidates. But as an American, I would have been excited about the historic first had Hillary Clinton emerged victorious from the Democratic primary battle. Yet when an African American made a different kind of history, it seems that feminists can't share in the triumph.

Oh yes, we get it; you're very important; you're a journalist and black and female and everything nice. Why can't these bitches rejoice in your glory and then rejoice in Obama's and Michelle's.

Well, as one sage reader wrote:
Republicans trashed Hillary Clinton for years driving up her negatives. Barack Obama used this against Hillary Clinton saying she was divisive and he actively worked at driving her negatives up further. Barack and Michelle Obama didn’t speak out about the sexism Hillary Clinton endured. Barack Obama has made sexist remarks himself. Michelle Obama said on Good Morning America that she would have to think about supporting Hillary Clinton if she were the nominee. Michelle Obama also said about Hillary Clinton that if she couldn't run her own house she couldn't run the White House. Now the Republicans are doing to Michelle Obama what they did to Hillary Clinton. Sounds like the Obamas are getting their comeuppance."

I do have to say that I found that WaPo op/ed to be really intellectually insulting and poorly thought out by that writer. Seriously. I sorta always thought that "babymama" was more of an attack against Michelle's race than her gender. I haven't heard Hillary referred to as "babymama." Maybe that is just me, though.
Also, this author is upset that people label Michelle as "angry." So what if she is angry? What the hell is wrong with being angry? So she's angry? Hillary's been labeled as angry before. It was the sexist imagery regarding her being angry that was inappropriate, not the label of "angry." There is a distinct difference.
So now the author is peeved herself? Where was SHE when the nasty misogynistic comments about Hillary were all over the news. Did she have an op/ed then? I doubt it.
I thought about posting something about this over at my blog,, but decided that poor Michelle just didn't warrant the time or effort. Besides, Mr. Politics of Hope and Change wants me to lay off his wife, I guess. Not that I've ever made attacks on her. In the meantime, I'm gonna post on his political schizophrenia.
Anyway, I love your post. Keep it up. I'm linking you over at my place.
Thanks for the link:)
Absolutely disgusting post. Not shocked, however. Sen. Obama was TOO nice to HRC...she didn't deserve the respect he tried to give her. If some of you thought he was ever going to choose her as VP, then something just isn't right in your heads.
The v-p is worthless when the candidate loses.
Oh and by the bye, John where was your outrage when the Hillary breast story was inked?
First you demand that Obama ask Hillary to be VP, and now you're saying that he will lose (no shock there) so the position is "worthless". You can't even keep up with your own talking points because many of them make little sense.

The Hillary "breast" story was very tacky and uncalled for...I didn't like it and even commented that sentiment on the WP site. Believe it or not, but I used to have a great deal of respect for HRC before she self-imploded all her credibility and class during the past few months, all in the sake of "winning".

Its funny how you choose what to blow a gasket over, but anything else is dismissed by the numerous cases of racism that was displayed throughout this race. HRC didn't even have the class to refute all these disgusting Obama=Muslim rumors, saying that he wasn't a Muslim "as far as I know". I don't respect people like that and it showed that she just wasn't presidential material, among many other things.

Michelle Obama is a good woman, a great mother and wife, and an accomplished attorney. Calling her denigrating names ("dance hall floozy") just makes you just as bad as those "sexists" you love to rail about 24/7...even if you were trying to be "sarcastic".
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