Saturday, June 21, 2008

Obama, Flip-flopping & Racism

SusanUnPC of No Quarter has a very interesting post summarizing Barack Obama's feeble record when it comes to supporting issues that are important to progressives -- and especially when measured against Mountain Mama.

Susan begins by scolding Obama's lame response to the latest Dem cave-in for trying to have it both ways: agreeing with Dem activists that giving telecomunication companies immunity for breaking the law is bad, very bad; and of course he's going to do everything within his power to stop the freight train from rolling. On the other hand, if he fails, well by golly, he did everything humanly possible, bladdy-bladdy-blah.
You can’t say we didn’t warn them that he always does what is politically expedient and really doesn’t give a rat’s ass about “policy” stuff. You can’t say we didn’t tell them, over and over, that when true grit is required — when mettle and moxie are essential — that Hillary Clinton has, well … Larry Johnson once wrote that
“Hillary has Balls.”
Now Howling Latina is just as upset about this latest bit of cave-in as the next person, but she can actually see the point of compromise supporters. If the frigging president of the United States gives a company a letter unequivocally asserting that what he's asking them to do is legal, short of asking them to go out and torture someone, you know, like Rummy, Cheney and the fun bunch at the White House did, well, she can see how executives would give deference to the country's chief executive.

Nevertheless, this latest bit of political ambivalence by Obama just reinforces the striking difference between Hillary and The Anointed One; one vacillates, whines and ducks; the other one fights.

Remember when wonky Sen. Hillary Clinton showed up on the Senate floor and voted against Sen. Kyl’s resolution to condemn MoveOn — even though MoveOn worked hard against her nomination — but their new “pet rock” Barack ducked the hot-button issue by not voting?

Remember when wonky Hillary grilled General George Casey on his failure to know about critical troop equipment shortages and then voted against his appointment to be Chief of Staff for the Army, but that Barack voted for Casey?

Remember when wonky Hillary stood up and was counted on another hot-button vote on declaring Iraq’s Revolutionary Guard a terrorist organization — but Barack, who was IN the Senate building (you guessed it) ducked the vote?

Hell, and let's not forget the treacherous Bush-Cheney perk-fest energy bill that wonky Hillary rejected and Obama supported, either. Just like Susan writes, "You may not always agree with her, but at least Hillary Clinton sticks her neck out on key issues, and has the in-depth policy knowledge to back up her votes."

And apropos to comments on this blog about Hillary using the racism card, looks like Obama is calling every Florida McCain supporter a racist, too. It's what he does when he's behind and behind he is -- according to Rasmussen.

Remember when Hillary Clinton defended the Iraq war for years after anyone with any sense had realized it was a disaster?

The rest of us do, HL.
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