Tuesday, June 17, 2008

Independents Split Between McSame & Obama

More bad news for Obama. The latest Washington Post-ABC News poll reveals that independents are currently split between the GOP presumptive nominee Sen. John McSame and the presumptive Democratic nominee, Barack Obama.

That's right, after the DNC caved in and awarded Obama the nomination based on the rulez, no bounce. Just the sad truth, which the howler predicted time and again as the media and blogger boyz were busy anointing Obama.
In the first Washington Post-ABC News poll since the Democratic nomination contest ended, Obama and McCain are even among political independents, a shift toward the presumptive Republican nominee over the past month. On the issues, independents see McCain as more credible on fighting terrorism and are split evenly on who is the stronger leader and better on the Iraq war. But on other key attributes and issues -- including the economy -- Obama has advantages among independents.
Something tells the howler that after November 4, a whole slew of Democrats are going to wish they hadn't been so dismissive of Mountain Mama and her army of soothsaying supporters.

In the meantime, read the polls and cry yourselves a river of tears. You've got no one to blame but your little ol' selves.

This takes the cake for a complete lack of understanding regarding politics. If you are STILL going to use a June poll to predict a November election result, you really are just helpless. Its funny that you bring up Independents considering they consistently rejected Senator Clinton as a candidate during the primaries...if she was the nominee, she would be trailing badly in that group and would have a lot of ground to cover. Do you write anything without doing research first? Its one thing to support Senator Clinton, but its another to put down the millions of Obama supporters and then turn around and demand respect.
You have officially lost the plot.
This has just become downright embarrassing. You have a lot more to offer, and you are much better than this. Your analysis is faulty because you're basing everything on your own resentment.

Until you can face the fact that the primary is over, you should really consider what it is that you're hoping to achieve. This is, at best, not constructive.

If you can't bring yourself to vote for Obama, why would you still have to vote for McCain? Why not vote for somebody like Ralph Nader or Cynthia McKinney, or just sit out the presidential race altogether?
Talk about "bitter"...HL you are one bitter person. Go for Nader.
John, let's not pay attention to poll after poll after poll and in the meantime, please be sure to stick not only your neck but your entire body in the sand.
Ok...so here's some polls for you HL. Obama is leading McCain by 49-44 in Florida, 45-44 in Virginia, 51-39 in New Hampshire, 48-42 in Ohio, 52-43 in Wisconsin, and 52-40 in Pennsylvania according to polling today. Remember, many of these states were those that only HRC could win according to her supporters. Obama is competitive in these places...it doesn't mean he will win of course, but since you base your thoughts according to polls, here's something for you to think about.

If anyone is sticking their head in the sand, it is you. You drink the Clinton Kool-Aid each morning and can't even refute any of my arguments with any clear facts because I actually make sense.
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