Monday, June 02, 2008

Howard Dean Slams MSNBC Sexism; Says Fire Shuster, Matthews

After The Chosen One received oodles and oodles of favorite press while Hillary was hit over the head with a two by four, nary a peep from Dr. Howard Dean (or for that matter Obama) on the subject of sexism.

But hope springs eternal; and with only one day left in the primary, rampant sexism at MSNBO has finally comes to forefront.

Now ain't that special!!!

Sorry Howard. Too little way too late

I understand your upset and probably bitter about Clinton not getting the nomination, but you are out of control...
What, you didn't get the memo??> Bitter is just for Southern hicks. I'm Latina...and a Clintonista to boot.

And yes, Shuster and Tweety should've gotten fired.
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