Tuesday, June 03, 2008

Hillary Wins South Dakota

Fox News reports that Hillary has won South Dakota, minutes after the last polling place closed.

Talk Left writes that Hillary won BIG.

Wah, ha, ha, ha, ha, ha, ha.

I will await your post on Montana. I know that I might not see it but I will check back later.
Don't bother. It's not news; it was expected.
Let's see, under Hillary rules the votes in SD all count and are an indicator that she's won the popular vote and should be the nominee, but the obviously massive win by Obama in Montana is not legitimate because ... uh ... because ... um, well, it's not a caucus. And Hillary IS on the ballot. Um, can you explain why the Montana win doesn't count but the SD win does?
You mention that Hillary Clinton won SD, but not that Obama won the NOMINATION?

It's ok, it's time to end the attacks and unify. Time to start the process to take back our country!
Agree on what Dan Geroe wrote, and I'll note also that Hillary was quite ungracious tonight, surprisingly so. She knows that Obama's the nominee. What can be gained by having such an attitude?
She will ALWAYS ALWAYS be the winner in all of us!!! GO HILLARY!!! Don't give up!!!! WIN OR LOSE - We're right behind you!
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