Sunday, June 08, 2008

Hillary Media Buzz

Nothing like a bus full of Monday morning quarterbacks pontificating on why Hillary lost. From coast to coast and sea to shining sea -- even across the Atlantic, hacks were busy this weekend.

Why, Hillary wasn't gracious enough; she wasn't nice to reporters; she was too dismissive; she was too divisive; she used racist code words; she had too much baggage; she lacked integrity; she was too old...

Well, MSNBC apparently didn't received their unity memo from Obama yet; it's still venom from the boyz.

But as Big Tent of Talk Left wisely reminds us today, Hillary did win more votes than Obama.

Equal to '00 and Gore, Clintonistas know who really won the '08 Democratic nomination.

Lost? The nomination was stolen from her, pure and simple.
Stolen? How do you "steal" a nomination playing by the rules which were ESTABLISHED by the opponent who is now crying foul? Popular vote? Yeah, that only works if you give Hillary ALL the Michigan votes and don't give Obama any of the Michigan votes. Of course, Hillary and staff agreed to and signed off on the agreement that the Florida and Michigan votes wouldn't count. All this whining is very unattractive and counterproductive.

Hillary's biggest problem was the strategic blundering by her hand-picked team of advisers in completely ignoring the caucus states and acting as if they were just counting off the days until the coronation. They put all their eggs in the Super Tuesday basket. No theft there, just incompetence and miscalculation.
Have you become so negative that you cannot see that Hillary garnered lots of positive comments and press....much more than the negative comments you are concentrating on.

Don't forget....minds are like parachutes they only function when open.

But as Big Tent of Talk Left wisely reminds us today, Hillary did win more votes than Obama.

Actually, no such statement was made by "Big Tent Democrat." S/he writes that "she lost...barely," and that Clinton "got half of the votes." It is only accurate to say that Clinton won the race under some very specific scenarios, as tallied by RealClearPolitics. Obama came out 41,622 votes ahead (or just 0.1%) in the popular vote total as it is generally tallied. Obviously, strongly supporters of Hillary Clinton --a group of which I imagine you would count yourself a member -- argue that one must count Michigan, despite (or perhaps because) Clinton being the only candidate to appear on the ballot in that state.
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