Thursday, June 12, 2008

Obama/Clinton or Else...

Howling Latina is weighing her options for the upcoming election. Sen. McSame or Barky.

Now, if she were to express the sentiment that in order for her to vote for Obama he would have to pick Hillary as his running mate, she can just imagine the vitriol and outrage directed at her brazen presumptiveness.

Personally, the howler would prefer for Hillary to stay by the sidelines and allow natural consequences to befall the DNC and Obamazoids. It would be just deserts of the poetic justice kind in karmic distribution of the universe.

On the other hand, it seems Hillary really wants the vice presidency; she cares about the Democratic party and knows that without her on the ticket all will be lost. At least four more years of Republican rule; no universal health care; no troops home; just more of the same with GOPers obstructing anything Dems try to do in Congress.

But in order for Obama to have a chance in November, he needs to begin the healing process and win over Hillary supporters. First, he might want to follow the advice of Bonnie Erbe of U.S. News & World Report. Give us a full-blown apology:

Nothing short of a lengthy, detailed mea culpa by the DNC and by Obama himself, directed to Clinton supporters for the sexist name-calling and personal, nasty characterizations Clinton was alone forced to endure, will do. Even that may not persuade these voters to consider supporting the party this fall. The DNC, Democratic Party leaders in Congress, and Obama should have been at her side, calling her treatment by the media (and even by some Obama supporters) unacceptable.

According to most polls, something in the range of 20 to 25 percent of her 18 million supporters say they'll vote for Senator McCain in November. That's 4.5 million votes—too many to take for granted. Yet taking them for granted is just what the party and Obama are doing. When CNN's Candy Crowley asked Obama how he would appeal to disaffected Clinton voters, he missed the mark entirely, giving a standard set of policy proposals.

And secondly, Obama might want to show the apology means something more than mere words. Select Hillary for the number two spot.

That's right, if Obama and his merry band of followers want to win in November, there's only choice. Obama/Clinton or bust. Hell hath no fury as an army of female activists who witness their heroine spurned for no reason than sheer idiocy, vindictiveness and hubris.

Good luck with all that, mimi.

The McCain Loyalty Oath for Women

I _____________ pledge to transfer my support from Hillary Clinton to John McCain. I agree to do all I can do to get McCain the vote. In order to achieve this noble goal I promise to support McCain’s…
* fight to overturn Roe v. Wade and my right to choose.
* fight against equal pay for men and women.
* opposition to providing low-income and uninsured women and families with health care services ranging from breast and cervical cancer screening to birth control.
* opposition to sex education and support of abstinence-only education.
* making birth control covered by insurance.
* endorsement of women’s rights more “in theory” than in practice.
* pet name for his wife.
As a woman I promise to apply McCain’s principles to my own life and vow to…
* call myself and my female friends the C word.
* picket abortion clinics.
* not use contraceptives.
* drink bleachso I don’t catch HIV and drink Mountain due so I don’t get pregnant.
* give back part of my salary to male coworkers.
* not vote, but pursue education and encourage my father/husband/brother male friends to vote for McCain.
Once McCain is elected, I will continue to support him and I will not complain about my losing my right to choose, and other reproductive freedoms. And I will continue to refrain from pursuing equality for women.
Signature __________
That was grreat!

Hmm, a brief look at the polls makes it seem that Obama's doing quite alright without Hillary on the ticket. He's gaining already on McCain. It's unsupportable to claim that the only way Obama can win in the fall is if Hillary's on the ticket because already many of her most vocal supporters have extended their unreserved support to Obama, as well they should. The fact is there's more at stake here than the injured feelings of either Hillary or her supporters. There's the course of this country, and most people can see that.

You're a humongous supporter of human rights and civil liberties (for which I applaud you). Take a look at the news today - the Supremes have ruled that Gitmo detainees have a right to habeas corpus after all. It's a 5-4 decision, with the dissenters being the youngest members of the Court: Roberts, Alito, and Thomas. Only Scalia is over 60 from that bunch, and he's the author of a strident dissent. Look at the other side of the aisle - you've got a bunch of people in their 70s and 80s hanging on until a Democrat gets into office and appoints someone to replace them. They're doing their best to protect the Constitution by refusing to die. Meanwhile, you're still sweating the nomination fight. Enough, already. We HAVE to have a Democratic President and a Democratic Congress. Continuing to criticize Obama and the DNC and demand concessions or you might take your vote over to McCain is completely counterproductive. Neither you nor those disappointed Hillary supporters want McCain appointing the next SCOTUS Justices.

This line isn't just disappointing, it's counterproductive to your own cause.

The threats make it more important for Obama to pick someone else. That's why HRC herself renounced the premise. Picking a running mate is his first real test of strength. If she pulls this stuff and he picks her, he'll look like a complete milquetoast.

I understand your anger, but by directing it at Obama you are working against everything important that Hillary's campaign stood for, both in terms of policy and in terms of the courage and strength that the candidate herself came to embody.

You are undermining Hillary's legacy, and you are not helping her cause.

And catzmaw is completely right. In the next 8 years 6 of the 9 justices could retire. If that's not enough to convince you, there's no bloody chance any apology will.
Q: Why is Chelsea Clinton so ugly?

A: Because her father is Janet Reno.

Like that joke? Thank John McCain.

But don't get on his bad side. He called his own wife a c*unt so lord knows what he'd call you.

Yay feminism! McCain '08!
Hi Howling Latina, it looks like the Kool Aid drinkers are hampering your site. As a Cuban American myself, I am voting for McCain. Obama's tactics reminds me too much of Fidel Castro. Look into our history. I will never vote for Obama with his leftist, radical and Marxist ways. No Obama here, never
You may as well start campaigning for McCain now: Clinton will almost certainly not be chosen.

Sorry, but there it is. The choice is Obama's and trying to blackmail him only makes Clinton supporters look bad.

So go and support McCain, and be sure to memorize that oath.

It's an Obamanation; we just live in it.

If you can't bring yourself to vote for Obama, why would you have to vote for McCain instead? Why not vote for somebody like Ralph Nader or Cynthia McKinney?
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