Tuesday, June 24, 2008

Downie to Step Down from the WaPo

The Washington Post's top editor is saying good bye. Leonard Downie, the paper's executive editor has decided to retire and really spend more time with his family, the Post writes.

Equal to Matthews and Olby as candidates to replace Tim Russert, Howling Latina sure hopes the Post doesn't pick Fred Hiatt as the new executive editor. The Post likes to promote from within but this is the idiot who supported going into Iraq and like Joe Liebermann, still defends his decision.

Does anyone remember this?!? Well, unlike doctrinal Hiatt, Downie refuses to vote; he feels it might infringe on his objectivity in sort sort of way. No such problem for Downie. He's a partisan Zionist who doesn't believe Israel can do any wrong; any military intrusion by the West in the Middle East is always justifiable.

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