Saturday, June 28, 2008

Barack Obama's Race Card

What is this guy talking about?

Obama's talking about the Limbaughs and the Malkins using racism, not McCain.

Also, who the hell said that the inexperience claim was am example of racism?

This guy's just inventing stuff to be outraged about.
I second Chris's comment. Obama was very clear about saying "The Republicans are going to try and scare you", not "John McCain is going to try and scare you". We all know that sleazy attacks are inevitable, and that John McCain is going to distance himself from those attacks. Barack has already endured a bunch of shit about his middle name. He's already fended off a bunch of lies about his wife using the word "whitey". It's not like that shit is gonna stop. Think about 2004 ... it wasn't GW Bush himself producing those ridiculous "swift boat veterans for the truth" attack ads. The candidate himself isn't going to dirty his hands with that stuff. But we all know that these things are part of the campaign machinery, and that things like this can (maybe) benefit the candidate, irregardless of whether the candidate wants to be associated with it.

Scott Simon's commentary is naive and silly. I'm assuming this is Scott Simon, the NPR reporter, since the graphic proclaims "Simon Says". daveB says that Scott Simon needs to get a clue.
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