Thursday, June 26, 2008

Almost Puking an Entire Meal...

As people who read Howling Latina know, she swore an oath in blood that she would never watch Keith Olbermann and she would never read Huffington Post after their endless attacks on Hillary during the Democratic presidential campaign.

Unfortunately tonight as the howler was eating a late dinner and watching Campbell Brown on CNN, lo and behold the joyless she-devil, she-demon harpy harridan, Arianna Huffy camp across the screen as some sort of expert on the Democratic party to talk about whether Obama can woo Hillary supporters.

The howler had to be excused and barely missed the kitchen floor as she barfed most of her dinner of Lean Cuisine and Schlitz beer.

Now why would anyone ask that vicious hag anything about unifying the Democratic party when she is one the biggest reasons Hillary supporters are pissed off at Obama and his zoid disciples?

Well, according to Huffy, women are just going through the grieving process; they're not really mad; no need to worry. Roe is on the line and we'll mindlessly come back to the unity fold and vote for The Chosen One in November.

Perhaps folks like Huff, Olby, Kos and others should've thought about Roe before they relentlessly spewed their vile against Hillary during the primaries. Don't seem to recall anyone too concerned about female reproductive rights at the time.

As to Hillary and Bill's hurt feelings; get over it, Huffy opines. It's no longer Bill Clinton's party. Lightning is going strike, hell is going to freeze over and Obama is going to win. And of course Huffy's already shopping for her Prada and Lacroix Inaguration ball gowns. Why the social opportunities for Arianna are going to be endless.

Listening to the religious batwings in the Republican party threaten McSame with defeat unless he toes their zealot line and then listening to Huffy's segment about the fleeting anguish of Hillary supporters that won't last long is almost enough to make a PUMA like the howler vote for McSame; in four years, Hillary can then run and win back the Democratic party and White House as is her right.

Ha ha!

Hillary's on our side now Mimi.

Have a nice day.
Roe is on the line and we'll mindlessly come back to the unity fold and vote for The Chosen One in November.

I'm so sick of this line. Huffy will be rich regardless of who wins, she does not care. And she is the last person anyone should be talking to about Clinton supporters. Hag is right.
Funny, no update today. Anything to add about Hillary's activities, HL?
I think she will be deciding between the Diane Von Furstenblog or the Dolce and Bloggana.
Not Prada.
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