Friday, June 20, 2008

All is Not Well in Hillaryland

Political Punch of ABC News writes that all is not well in Hillaryland as evidenced by what's been going on behind the scene.
The campaign of Sen. Barack Obama, D-Illinois, held a high-level finance meeting in Chi-town yesterday with top fundraisers, and there was nary a mention in the big meeting of any effort to retire Sen. Hillary Clinton's campaign debt, which exceeds $22 million, including more than $11 million in personal loans she made to her campaign.
With Barack Obama's endless source of $$$ via the Web, you'd think the guy might wanna fork over a little dough for a sister in need -- you know, to show solidarity.

It didn’t go unnoticed in Hillaryland, for instance, that the first fundraising solicitation Obama sent out was not for Clinton but instead one to benefit the Democratic Congressional Campaign Committee.

To many Clinton supporters, Obama could easily send an email to his 1.4 million grassroots supporters asking them to help unify the part to retire Clinton's debt. Obama fundraisers could bundle some cash together; former Clinton staffers could be brought on board. Some big Clinton fundraisers are waiting for Obama's team to make a move to help Clinton retire her debt before they write a check for one cent to the presumptive Democratic nominee.

Nah. Perish the thought; ain't no one gonna help that bitch; she's still holding on to her delegates. Well hang in there, Hillary. In a year where the Dem presidential nominee should be creaming McSame, every recent poll shows Obama barely winning.

No uptick; no surge; even with Michelle's new makeover, no nothing.


Obama is beating little mac by 15 pts. in the last poll.


Why doesn't she just pay her own bills? Barack Obama isn't paying my debt either.
She should have dropped out earlier if she couldn't afford to stay in.
Obama has a difficult race this fall. He needs that money for his campaign. If he asked his donors to give to Clinton, some those donations would come out of restricted budgets and would mean less money for his campaign.

It's not like the Clinton's are short on money. Bill can pay it off. Hillary, for the sake of her party's unity, should clearly say she wants her people to give to Obama.
Let's see, 10 million of that is "owed" to Hillary, and 10 million is "owed" to Mark Penn. Sounds like they're the ones who will need to make a contribution. Next time, play fair, follow the rules, don't race-bait. Maybe you won't wind up losing, and "owing" yourself money.
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