Saturday, May 10, 2008

WaPo on Obama, Hope & Hate Talk from Obama Supporters

Considering all the lame accusations by Obama supporters that Hillary and her bloggers care nothing about the Democratic Party because we continue to insist that Michigan and Florida be counted and continue to support Hillary against all odds until she wins, the Washington Post has an interesting little tale to tell which fits nicely with everything we've trying to say the last few months and everything that's wrong with Obama.

The blogosphere has been all abuzz lately about the New York Times story on Obama and his calculated Machiavellian moves in moving up the political ladder in Chicago; some have cried foul but not the howler.

When Obama's campaign manager accused Hillary of doing whatever it took to win, she thought, hit the snooze button, so what? And the same now applies for Obama; after all, both Hill & Barky are shrewd politicians who want to win; nothing wrong with that.

Nope, the more troubling story for her is the WaPo article; it perfectly summarizes why the howler left the sidelines to go with Hillary and why she dislikes Obama and his clueless band of supporters.

To illustrate, here are a few graphs from the Post:
Bill Clinton is no longer revered as the "first black president." Tavis Smiley's rapid-fire commentaries on a popular radio show have been silenced. And the Rev. Jeremiah A. Wright Jr., self-described defender of the black church, has been derided by many on the Web as an old man who needs to "step off."

They all landed in the black community's doghouse after being viewed as endangering Sen. Barack Obama's chances of being elected president.
Yes, dear readers. All that business about Clinton using hurtful racist language was a ruse and anyone who fell for it was duped, bamboozled, okie-dokie’d and hoodwinked by Obama.

Smiley, the renowned black author and commentator, took issue with Obama for skipping his "Covenant With Black America" event in New Orleans so he could campaign in Texas and Ohio. The resulting backlash left Smiley feeling "hammered" and "barbequed" by black Americans.

"There's all this talk of 'hater,' 'sellout' and 'traitor,' " Smiley said at the time. ". . . They are harassing my mama, harassing my brother."

The animus dogged him even on the radio, where his commentaries on black causes for the popular "Tom Joyner Morning Show" were renowned. In a terse statement issued last month, Smiley announced that he was leaving the show to focus on other ventures.

With each passing days, the Obama movement feels more and more like a cult. And that thought scares the living shit out of the howler, which only makes her work harder and harder to elect Hillary.

Howler, I just discovered your blog, and what a refreshing point of view! I look forward to more from you. This country certainly has been "bamboozled", and it's scary how effective the Obama movement has been.

Thank you!
Every time I try to leave a comment on your site I get booted, but here I am, trying again.

I don't understand how you can attribute the anger of Obama supporters for Smiley's chastisement of Obama for not showing up for the State of the Black Union to Obama's campaign or to Obama.

Moreover, given that Obama is virtually assured of the nomination, why do you insist on insulting Obama supporters by calling them "clueless"? I keep logging in to your Obama related diaries to see what you're talking about, and the columns you cite and the information you produce never live up to their billing as proof positive of Obama's alleged unsuitability for the job of President.
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