Tuesday, May 27, 2008

Man with Low IQ to be Executed

The killing machine is about to fire up again...

Kevin Green, a black man with an IQ lower than 70, is scheduled to be killed by the Commonwealth of Virginia tonight at 9:00 PM.

Unless Gov. Tim Kaine grants a stay of execution, Green will be shackled to a gurney and injected with a deadly cocktail of sodium thiopental, a rapid-acting anaethetic, pancuronium, a muscle relaxant and potassium chloride, a solvent that stops the heart and causes cardiac arrest.

Kevin Green was convicted of robbing a convenience store and shooting the store owners and killing one of them. Green admits to the shooting but claims that he didn't intend to kill anyone; the gun accidently went off. The jury deliberated for one hour, found Green guilty and recommended eye-for-an-eye-justice: death.

The initial capital murder conviction was later vacated when a circuit judge ruled that two biased jurors should have been striken from the trial. Green was retried and once again found guilty and sentenced to die.

Although Green's IQ is below 70, two judges from Norfolk U.S. District Court ruled that Green failed the required two-prong test since he had "conceptual, social and practical skills" as evidenced by prior employment.

Now if that ain't a crock of crap...

Virginians for Alternatives to the Death Penalty are asking concerned citizens to e-mail Gov. Tim Kaine and ask him to commute the sentence to life imprisonment. Green is mentally retarded and without the high court loophole that allows states to determine threshold, Green would never be executed in most states.

Kaine's e-mail is: http://www.governor.virginia.gov/AboutTheGovernor/contactGove.

Thank you.

Justice will be served tonight. His IQ was high enough to get a gun, load it, rob and shoot two people, killing the lady with four shots, then take the money and blow it on prostitutes, dope and clothes. He knew exactly what he was doing. Today he can share that same feelings his victims felt as he pointed the gun...
Hey Carl, is it going to be bring the woman back???


The Supreme Court ruled that convicted felons could not be executed if they were mentally retarded. No doubt before the ruling you thought it was just hunky dory to execute a person with the mental aptitute of a 10-year old.

Hell, you probably think a 10-year should "fry" if he was old enough to pull the trigger.

In other words, your argument is illogical; pulling the trigger and having the mental capacity to know the extent of depravity for an act are two different things.

Case in point: Your idiotic comment.
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