Monday, May 19, 2008

Obamarama Hits a Boulder

Oops, it looks like tomorrow Obama may not be celebrating quite as hardy as he might've liked. Talk Left reports that Hillary and Obama are essentially tied in Oregon.

Based on a Suffolk University poll, Obama leads Hillary by the tiniest margins: 45 to 41. Eight percent remain undecided and 6 percent refused.

Oh, oh. Oregon could spell big trouble for our Golden Boy. Late deciders have usually broken for Hillary by the droves.

Folks, this is the second poll that confirms the numbers. In fact, Hillary has improved by 1 point since the last poll.

Yea, and Kentucy is still Hillary Country. She beats Obama by 26 points with 11 undecided, 2 refusing to respond and 6 still backing Edwards.

What'z up with Edwards voters though??? Didn't they get the memo??? Edwards recently endorsed Obama and they're supposed to switch allegiance and flock to him, pronto.

But then again, maybe not.

SurveyUSA released a poll today giving Obama a 13 point lead.

You give Obama supporters, and the media, crap for only telling one side of the story.

Nothing you report here changes the fact that Obama will have enough delegates to claim the nomination by June 3rd at the latest, and Hillary won't.

If you have some news that would seem to indicate that Hillary can magically pull 300 delegates out of somewhere, then by all means post it--I'd be very interested to read about it.

After tomorrow, Obama will need about 60 delegates to win the nomination, while Hillary will still need more than 230. Her late surge is too little, too late.

The fact of the matter is she lost this race after Super Tuesday when she handed Barack Obama twelve straight wins in a row, many of them by really embarrassing margins. Nothing you've written changes that.

How can 4 points be the tiniest of margains? Wouldn't a less than 1 percentage point be the tiniest of margains?

President Obama will make us so proud next January! I hope you will be able to enjoy.

Well how about four points is statistically insignificant and within the margin of error.

Obama smashes Hillary in Oregon. He loses in Kentucky. You will spin it for Hillary either way.
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