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Obama - The Insensitive Wordsmith

In today's news, Howling Latina came across an interesting article about McCain decrying Barry's mean-spirited language.

Equal to the time when Obama arrogantly dismissed Hillary's piercing attacks on his unity schtick and framed it as Hillary simply doing what she periodically does when it's that time of month -- clawing out of her den and howling at the moon with no sense of temperance -- Obama is throwing a rhetorical bomb again. This time it's McCain's turn to feel the unity and hope.

Now the howler could give a hoot about how unfair Obama is to McCain; she's simply showing readers Obama's modus operandi so they can recognize that contrary to early campaign denials by Obama and friends, he used sexist language against Hillary in the past with full knowledge and intent.

ABC News reports today that McCain's campaign ain't too happy with the little "insulting dig at Sen. John McCain's age" Obama made during his "reach-across-the-aisle-and-rally-the country" interview with CNN.

Obama accused McCain of trying to "smear" him by saying that the Palestinian militant group Hamas favored his candidacy.

"And so for him to toss out comments like that I think is an example of him losing his bearings as he pursues this nomination," Obama said.

The McCain campaign said the "losing his bearings" comment was an underhanded reference to the fact that McCain is 71 years old.

Mark Salter, one of the advisers, said, "Obama's attack today: He used the words 'losing his bearings' intentionally, a not particularly clever way of raising John McCain's age as an issue. This is typical of the Obama style of campaigning." "That quote is a not-so-subtle attempt by Obama to insinuate the age issue into the race," another McCain adviser said. " He attacks viciously with subtlety and innuendo. Nobody suggested he supports Hamas. We have said the North American spokesman (for Hamas) has talked about how wonderful it would be if he were president of the United States."
Hmmm, are we starting to see a pattern here??? Losing his bearing. Claws coming out.

That's right, attack your opponent in ambigious doublespeak you can later deny meant nothing. Keep attacking and ducking as you bully your opponent's supporters. Claim your early crown; you deserve it; nothing to see behind the curtain; mission accomplished.

Like George Bush, Barry just can't help uniting folks even if it kills them. Besides, it's not like they didn't have it coming.

Update: It looks like the howler wasn't the only one who picked up on Obama's latest gimmick of age to divide after so effectively using race to split Democrats. Larry Johnson of No Quarter writes:

We already know that Barack Obama and campaign have robbed the Democratic primary of an honest discussion about the policies. Besides the coward’s fear of facing Hillary Clinton in any more debates — and blowing off the entire state of West Virginia by refusing to hold a SINGLE CAMPAIGN EVENT in that state — he and his campaign use RACE as the great divider.

They are using race by:

*either propelling African Americans to feel that they must vote for him or be accused of betraying their own race
*or playing on white guilt to force well-meaning but naive Democrats into feeling they must vote for him to expiate their ancestors’ past sins.

Now Barack Company Inc. is attacking John McCain by using his age against him, and the McCain campaign is calling him out on it — and in so doing, EXPOSED what the Obama Inc. strategy is ALL ABOUT

Ok, NOW you are officially promoting the Republican Candidate's ridiculous attacks. You are going too far here.
Anything I said untrue?
dan, there is a long history here of over the top, bizarre, rants on this blog. It is hard to discern a consistent motivation for them. And there isn't much of an effort to support the weird assertions with facts or to construct anything approaching a logical case for anything. It's pretty much random raving.

As I say, there is a history here. Here is a link to a post from The Richmond Democrat from a couple of years ago that is instructive:
Yes, I'm a racist, covert Republican who happens to like my Dems to be authentic types who don't shamelelessly pose in front of the Dixie flag.

And yes, I've been sort've bashed by some in the Virginia blogosphere; of course nothing like poor Alice Walker of GOTV when she supported the wrong candidate against Jim Webb (who by the bye, I also supported).

Fortunately I have my progressive sisters, a few nationals, who read my musings now and then.
This post from the archives makes fascinating reading in light of the subsequent attacks on Obama on this blog.

Saturday, November 18, 2006
Barack Obama For President

Howling Latina has made up her mind; if Sen. Barack Obama (D-Ill.) runs for the Democratic presidential nomination, she will support him over all others.

Tonight on CNCB, Tim Russert interviewed Obama; and she concluded that Obama is the real deal. A man of faith and character who is also humble, honest, reflective and grounded.

Yes, unlike soon-to-be former Rep. Harold Ford of Tennesee who lost his bid to become the first elected black senator from the South since Reconstruction by trying to triangulate the vote but ending on the losing side, Obama reminds her instead of our soon-to-be junior senator from Virginia, Jim Webb.

Like Webb, Obama is a man of conviction and intellect; he says what he means and means what he says. He speaks from the heart--rather than from focus group tested language.

The yummy gravy on the political souffle is Obama's opposition from the very beginning to the U.S. invasion of Iraq. Just like Webb.

Indeed, if Obama runs and wins the Democratic nomination, Virginia would vote blue for the first time since forever, as would other swing states like Ohio.

Unfortunately, Obama is mulling his decision and the enormeous commitment that a presidential run requires of him and family. Moreover, he says he only wants to run for the right reasons and motive--not simply because people want him to run or because he thinks he can win.

In other words, Obama wants to resolve in his mind that his message to nation of hope is best expressed by him. For Obama, America's future is bright with endless possibilities but the nation must first pull together in harmony to solve its many challenges.

Obama's politics are not about a red or blue America--but one of inclusion for all. As Americans, he notes, we share the same goals, aspirations and challenges; and we must work together in solidarity and unity to discern the best solutions to the problems we face as a nation.

Indeed, for Obama, this is not only the noblest way to secure our joint future--but the optimal and safest as well.

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Like I told folks, after Obatrons started accusing Hillary of bigotry, I snapped. And all the sexism from the Blog Boyz and MSNBC with nary a word from Obama was too much. And as I started thinking about Obama and what he offered by way of policies, from energy (he supported Bush's tax giveaway to the industry) to health care, I realized his movement was based on nothing but a bunch of empty words, backed by absolutely nothing.

What he did to Dr. Alice L. Palmer, Travis Smiley, hell, even Rev. Wright, whom I defended made his stature grow even smaller. The guy has yet to prove to me he has a core of values he will defend to the end...that is, besides his naked ambition.
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