Monday, May 26, 2008

Low Ratings for Keith Olbermann

Since Keith Olbermann injected himself into the media lynching of Hillary with one of his blistering special commentaries filled with hyperbole and hype, the howler decided tonight would be an opportune time to link to an old story about Olbermann's issues with females.

It's about low ratings; and the story ain't got nothing to do with television.

Read the gory details; the hypocritical scum bag.

Hell, only a few weeks ago Olbermann had to apologize to Hillary for a remark he made filled with violent imagery.

That's right, Edward R. Murrow, in "referring to what Democrats needed to [do to] force Senator Clinton from the race," recklessly invoked violence by saying: "Somebody who can take her into a room and only he comes out."

Yes, he really said THAT! Please someone, anybody, slap some sense into that bitch.

But as the law of just deserts would have it, Olbermann's YouTube "special comment" is a huge flop, currently ranking only one measly star.

H/T New York Post and No Quarter.

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