Thursday, May 29, 2008

Jim Clyburn of South Carolina Will Endorse on Tuesday...

ABC News reports that Rep. Jim Clyburn of North Carolina will formally endorse a presidential candidate on Tuesday.

Geez, the howler just wonders who Clyburn, an Obama leading shill, will endorse???

The electrifying excitement is stunning; everyone awaits with bated breath...


South Carolina.
Too many posts makes the howler a dull gal.

Yet you are ecstatic about some superdelegate that no one has heard of endorsing Clinton. Did you not see that 3 more superdelegates endorsed Obama yesterday? Oh, that's right. That doesn't jive well with your spin.
Yes, I am ecstatic because every time a superdelegate declares for Hillary (whether you know who they are is irrelevant -- all carry the same "super" weight), it flies against the meme that Obama has already won the nomination; it's over; the bitch lost.
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