Tuesday, May 27, 2008

It's Already Started...

Hard to imagine a Newsweek cover with Hillary's picture and this headline

Not to worry, though. Michelle will put a stop to such talk -- lickity-split.

Enough. This is the Democratic nominee you're talking about here. You're going too far. You sound like some of the more absurd Harris Miller supporters two years ago.
Yes, it does kinna remind me of the Webb-Miller primary. Except Hillary is Webb and Obama is Miller.

Check the polls; and then check the news; last time I checked, Obama hadn't been anointed by the superdelegates, just shills in the media.

And after Obama's latest gaffe and the latest evidence that Hillary helps Dems win,i.e., Kentucky, if superdelegates have a brain inside their head, they'll see the political landscape and endorse Hillary.

Wah, ha, ha, ha, ha.
I think you've lost your mind. Obama has received forty or so superdelegates since North Carolina. Hillary has picked up... 4. Whoot whoot. Obama picked up Senator Byrd's endorsement after he got crused in WV. That's because it's a "writing on the wall" moment. No, he hasn't been anointed. But in less the 50 more delegates, he will be. McCain isn't attacking Clinton, he's attacking Obama. He knows who his opponent is.

And the "gaffe" isn't that big of a deal. Obama said his great-uncle helped liberate Aushwitz. He was mistaken; it was another concentration camp. Oh, the horror! Obama used the wrong concentration camp name! The DOESN'T change the fact that his great-uncle helped liberate a concentration camp.

You're out of hand here, HL. You've lost sight of who the real enemy is. You've become so angry at the perceived injustice that you're attacking a fellow Democrat, one who you once wrote you would support if he ran in 08. Hillary Clinton need to win 82% of the remaining delegates to win the nomination. She'll win Puerto Rico by 10-15%, but he'll win South Dakota and Montana big, so that number will likely got to 85-87%. Are you honestly telling me you expect 87% of the remaining superdelegates to support Clinton? Even if they now broke to her two-to-one, she'd still lose.

I'm not saying you need to give up on Hillary's Campaign. She's still in the race, after all. But what I AM saying is that maybe it's time for you to take a page from her book, and lighten up on the Obama attacks. Because he WILL be the Democratic nominee.
The cover speaks volumes.
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