Wednesday, May 21, 2008

Is There Any State Where Hillary Doesn't Beat McCain???

Just logged in to check the latest buzz and lo and behold, the howler came across another post showing Hillary beating McCain and Obama losing to him.

Courtesy of Talk Left who seems to always have the latest polling scoop, we can now add Missouri (yes, another state "won" by Obama) and Florida to North Carolina.

In a Missouri survey by SUSA, Hillary beats McCain, 48 percent to 46 percent. Obama loses 48 to 45.

And in a Rassmussen poll in Florida, it's the same verdict. Hillary wins, 47 percent to 41 percent. Obama loses 50 to 40.

Two superdelegates endorsed Hillary -- Craig Bashein of Hunting Valley, Ohio and Massachusetts Attorney General Martha Coakley.

In endorsing Hillary, Mr. Bashein said:

Hillary brings a wealth of proven experience in both domestic and foreign policy that provides a great sense of confidence and security in our future," Bashein said. "She has the strength and determination to beat John McCain this Fall."

Attorney General Coakley said:

"I am determined to see a successful Democratic campaign for President in November. I believe that the Democratic primary has demonstrated to the American people that there are two able and hard working candidates, either of whom can win the presidency. Either will be a huge improvement for America over what the Republicans have offered for the last eight years and what they offer now for the next four. I will support whoever is the nominee of the party.

"However, as one of two unpledged delegates elected by the Massachusetts State Committee, I have determined to cast my vote for Hillary Clinton. Running for office under any circumstances is arduous and stressful; it is at times exhilarating and at times exhausting. It tests the issues, the families and supporters, and the very core of the candidate. Running for President of the United States is all of that many times over.

"Regardless of the outcome of the primary, Mrs. Clinton’s energy, stamina, and resolve have changed the course of history for women seeking office, including the presidency, and I dare say, have changed the course of history of Presidential politics in the United States. It is for these reasons that I will vote for Hillary Clinton in August at the Nominating Convention."

Oh, and it looks like Hillary had a great month in April, raising $21 million. Yes, Obama raised $32 million but unfortunately, it costs a lot of $$$ to lose; he spent more than he raked in to the tune of $5 million.

Obama picked up two superdelegates today. So they were even there.

Clinton can use that 21 million to pay her debt which is over 20 million right now.

To answer you question in the subject line, yes there are tons of states where she doesn't win...too many to list.

President Obama is going to be awesome!
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