Thursday, May 15, 2008

Hold On...Sweetie...!

Just hold on one second, boy...! What's the difference???

You called Obama "boy." You're out of line now.
Tongue in cheek snark to show just how misogynist Obama's comment was.

But not to worry; it's just a little something Obama does ALL THE TIME!
In the South, we are called "sweetie" as a term of endearment. Men are usually called sweetie by women of all ages and men sometimes, when being kind to women use the term as well.

It is one of the many Southern traditions that, once understood, lends to the air of friendliness that one typically associates with Southern Gentility and culture.

As with most languages, the meaning and intent of a phrase is often made not by the words alone, but the inflection of the voice.

For example, when I would play basketball in pick-up games at Hampton University (back when I lived near the campus) it was common for an interchange like this to occur between the Black players among themselves and sometimes even to me: "Thats a foul ball!" Everyone in the game knew that the person saying this phrase was not calling the other guy a nigger or even hurling an insult. It was just a common phrase tossed casually about during the game and carried no insult or any more weight than another gloat when one gets the ball due to a foul or other rule infraction.

I would really like for those who tend to have these knee-jerk reactions to imagined political correctness violations to just lighten-up. Perhaps with a bit more self assurance these insecure folks will not be so inflamed at every perceived insult.

I am sure Barack didn't mean to insult anyone, sweetie.
Oh, so now Obama is a good ol' southern boy...?

Yep, that's a good strategy. Wear a cowboy hat and claim a new heritage that you earlier derided and dissed.
My son is one of the few white guys that I know can call his "homies" nigga because of his intimate relationships with blacks since he was a kid. But let someone like you or me say the same thing and they'll be highly offended.

Since that journalist did not know Obama and was not an intimate of his, she felt insulted as evidenced in the tape.
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