Thursday, May 01, 2008

Hillary Leads Big in Indiana

For the first time in a very long time, media pundits are actually talking about Hillary Clinton winning the Democratic nomination.

It began last week with Eleanor Clift's column at Newsweek where she said, "I'm beginning to think Hillary Clinton might pull this off and wrestle the nomination away from Barack Obama."

So the new media meme of Hillary winning is gaining a full head of steam, even at Obama Nation, MSNBC.

This afternoon, Chris Matthews of "Hardball" said he thinks that if Hillary wins in Indiana and North Carolina, it's all over for Obama. Moreover, even if Obama wins in North Carolina, he must do so by a wide margin -- the same predicament Hillary faced in Pennsylvania -- or it's a Hillary win.

This coming Sunday, Obama will be on for the full hour at "Meet the Press." Hillary is on Bill O'Reilly and "Nightline" tonight.

In the meantime, polls show Hillary leading big in Indiana and closing the gap in North Carolina.

Folks, let's face it, Obama is on a free fall. Looks like our Hill learned a lesson or two from Dr. Alice L. Palmer. Yes, we can certainly see why Obamatrons were so insistent that Hill quit for the good of Obama, er, the Democratic party, right before Pennsylvania's political game-changer. Nothing like a good win when you have no opponent.

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