Wednesday, May 21, 2008

Gore Still Ain't Buying

In 2004, former Vice President Al Gore endorsed Howard Dean, no problem.

This time, he's taking his sweet time in endorsing. Just like other wise superdelegates such as uhm, Sen. Jim Webb.

Indeed, what reasonable person can blame them???

If Hillary's recent thrashing of Obama in Kentucky, Indiana and West Virginia to go along with wins in Ohio, Pennsylvania and Texas (and yes, 100,000 additional votes is a win), doesn't give superdelegates pause, nothing ever will.

For a long time, Howling Latina has had the sneaky suspicion that supers were paying close attention to Hillary's blow-out wins and the future electoral map.

Here's a quote from a reporter that rather nicely pinpoints the howler's sentiments:

[T]he argument that she’s making, particularly that she has sort of a greater ability to appeal to blue collar and senior white voters, that she argues are going to be necessary to beat John McCain in November, is resonating a little bit with super delegates. They’re thinking a little bit about it, at least enough to stay on the fence. Sure, we’re seeing a trickle of delegates backing Obama, but I think if they were not thinking a little bit about this argument and the case that she’s making on electability, I think we’d see more of a wave to Obama right now.
Oh, they're thinking all right; they'd be idiots if they weren't.

Indiana? A thrashing? Clinton won by a percentage point.

Please don't forget let's see...North Carolina, Oregon, Mississippi, Wyoming, and Vermont. Obama will win Montana and South Dakota. I know THOSE states aren't important to Clinton but they still count.

After the brokering of the delegates in Florida and Michigan to seat half of them, Obama will get the super delegate support and the campaign will be over.

President Barack Obama...President Barack Obama...President Barack Obama...President Barack Obama...President Barack Obama...President Barack Obama...sounds good to me.
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