Saturday, May 03, 2008

Fantasy Debater

Obama claimed he'd be happy to have a debate with anyone who questions his patriotism. Now normally the howler doesn't link to William Kristol, but it just so happens the batwing has an Obama quote in today's New York Times that's just too precious to not use.

Straight out of Comedy Central after offering lame excuses why he won't debate Hillary, Obama said without a hint of irony: “I get pretty fed up with people questioning my patriotism...I am happy to have that debate with them any place, anytime.”

Well Kristol is absolutely accurate when he observes that Obama is "happy to have fantasy debates with unnamed people who are allegedly challenging his patriotism. But he’s not willing to have a real debate with the real person he’s competing against for the nomination."

Quack, quack senator.

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