Tuesday, May 27, 2008

Ex-Cop Gets 45 Years

A former Prince Georges County police officer and county homeland security deputy director shot two unarmed men, killed one and for a while thought he'd gotten away with it.

Justice of sorts prevailed in the end. Keith A. Washington was sentenced to prison for 45 years today.

Interestingly on the very day Virginia is firing up their death gurney, one former cop kills and gets 35 years; a penniless person kills and gets the needle.

For the former cop, it began one sleepy Saturday morning on Jan. 24, 2007, when two men tried to deliver furniture to his home.

For some unexplained reason, Washington became agitated, brandished a gun, shot one dead, called the police department and then claimed self-defense.

Initially, the department told the media charges would likely be filed against the surviving delivery guy. And in fact, it is highly unlikely Washington would've ever faced the consequences of his deed if he hadn't pulled a gun against a harmless real estate appraisal who mistakenly went to his house a few months later.

Prince Georges County has a very long and shameful history of police abuse. They got away with it, most of the times.

For Mr. Kevin Green, the penniless sap from Virginia, he's about to be executed in less than an hour.

At least there's some justice. What got me about the Keith Washington story is that he had such an extensive past of aberrant, aggressive behavior. Anybody looking at his history could see he was a ticking time bomb waiting for the next explosion in a long career of explosions.

It's too bad about the execution.
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