Tuesday, May 13, 2008

Corey Stewart is a Big Fat Liar

It's now official: Prince William County Supervisor Corey Stewart is a big fat liar.

For those readers who may not be familiar with darling Corey, he is the idiot who ran off every Latino/a -- whether legally in the county or not -- created a real estate meltdown and initially lied to voters to get them to go along.

Promising the county would save millions of dollars once 'illegals' left, the promised payoff has turned out to be nothing but red ink.

Here's a little summary of the dire situation in the county:

With Latinos fleeing the combined effects of the construction downturn, the mortgage crisis and new local laws aimed at catching illegal immigrants, Latino shops are on the brink of bankruptcy, church groups are hemorrhaging members, neighborhoods are dotted with for-sale signs, and once-busy strip malls have been transformed into ghost towns.
The Washington Post reports today that even though Corey Stewart "asserted last month that an exodus of immigrant families after the county's crackdown on illegal immigration is saving the school system millions of dollars because it has to educate fewer students who are learning English as a second language," it ain't so.

Prince William school officials say that the departure of nearly 760 students this school year from the English for Speakers of Other Languages program has not brought a financial windfall to the school system, contrary to an estimate of $6 million in savings cited by Prince William Board of County Supervisors Chairman Corey A. Stewart (R-At Large).
Oh, oh. Looks like Corey's nose is getting bigger and bigger and bigger; so big in fact that it can now transport some of those clueless voters who helped elect him to office. Hope they like their higher taxes and property value losses and enjoy the ride.

¿Qué dijo usted? ¿"Housing meltdown"? ¿Qué es "Housing meltdown"? No veo "housing meltdown" en mi vecindario :)

Actually, PWC's sales continue to go UP while nearly all of the surrounding areas are going down. Even better, housing is affordable for hard-working Citizens. Just once, did you ever stop to consider that people want SAFER places to live and raise their children? I guess not.

If the same people who work so hard to erase our laws and overthrow our government actually worked with the same fervor in THEIR OWN country, everybody would see a much better change in their lives.

¡Muchas Gracias!
You so full of it.

My son just purchased a home in Gainesville that the previous owner paid $355,000 for $235,000.

Every home on the market is either bank owned or third-party approval.
You said: "I have anecdotal evidence from Latinos/a and a home my son bought for more than $100,000 less than the poor Latino who paid "whitey" way, way too much $$$ for it. Take a stroll down Manassas and shops are empty; ditto for banks, movie theatres, and so on. Hermanito, if you can't see the rancid racism, you've got a bad case of denial."

1. I don't live in Manassas, meaning I don't use their shops, banks, movie theatres, etc. (Anyways, the Quantico Theatre has helluva lot cheaper admission :D)

2. "You [sic] so full of it." I had to laugh at this one XD XD XD

3. You mention "rancid racism," so tell me how "whitey" isn't racist. But God forbid that I call a Mexican a wetback- then it's considered racism. Even better, if a "white" person robs his house or steals his car, it's a hate crime! Of course, if the same thing happens to a "white" person by a Latino/a, it's just called a "crime." I absolutely love the double standards a lot of people hold to others. My father was born and raised American; he is the hardest worker I know. I once had someone tell me they would rather hire a Mexican to work for them than an American teenager. What are we teaching young Americans? That it's better off to be a foreigner because you'll get special treatment? And let me ask you this: I presume you are older than I am- back in the 70's and 80's, were we living in mud huts in Northern VA before all the illegal aliens started showing up?

Send all the illegals back to where they came from with body armour, a pistol, a rifle, and a box of ammo and the instructions to overthrow their government and create a better one. Problem solved.

PS- "Hermanito" ... ¡Soy una mujer, amgia! jajajaja :)
Just a little follow-up a year later. The home my son paid $230,000 just was appraised by the county for $169,000.

Nothing to see behind the curtain; move along.
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