Friday, May 09, 2008

The Claws...

Well, the claws finally came out. No, not Hillary's, Michelle's.

It seems the would-be first lady wants to gash former President Bill Clinton's eyes out for some perceived slight.

When asked by a reporter how she felt about Clinton's characterization of Obama's opposition to the Iraq War as a "fairytale," Michelle responded by "gesturing with her fingernails [and saying]; "I want to rip his eyes out!"

But just KIDDING...she later corrected herself.

Oh boy, if Democrats thought they had a problem with Teresa in '04, this little lady spells trouble with a capital "T".

I'm curious: do you intend to keep attacking Obama and his wife even after he wins the nomination officially?

I mean you seem to have whipped yourself into a state that far exceeds merely preferring Hillary Clinton to Barack Obama.

So I'm just curious about what is more important to you: keeping the Republicans out of the White House, or keeping Barack and Michelle Obama out of the White House?
I have to agree, HL. This isn't merely about preferring Hillary. You seem to have a vendetta against the Obama Campaign. I honestly want to know: will you come around and support Obama once he has the nomination locked up?
Excuse me, but who is the one who wants to tear someone's eyes out...?

It sure ain't the howler.
Excuse me, but you are citing a source that is one of the least reliable sources for information anywhere.

Would you cite them for a story about any other Democrats? Would you trust that they don't try to spin the story?

You are so sensitive to a joke that you are all worked up about it.

I believe your last sentence should read, "Excuse me, but who is the one who jokes about wanting to tear someone's eyes out?

Here are some current stories on WND:

Today's WND
News Highlights

History textbooks promoting Islam

Propaganda-driven kids attack think tank

China preparing for nuclear war

Obama sacks adviser who met with Hamas

Pastors called to defy IRS censorship rules

Do your kids have 'nature deficit disorder'?

'Please prevent another Terri Schiavo'

Abortionists use Mother's Day for fundraising

How about The New Yorker...? Are they reliable enough for you?!?

The point I think we are trying to make is that this seems to have become really personal for you. You have every right to support and fight for Hillary Clinton if you think she is the better candidate.

Just try and make certain you don't lose sight of the bigger picture. Although by no means certain, Obama will probably be our nominee.

I find it a little disturbing the way you go to such lengths to work yourself into a hateful mood towards the Obamas. It's a primary and yes, harsh things get said by both sides. Hillary and Bill have certainly done more than their fair share in this regard. But it's a primary between two Democrats, and in the end the winner will be a Democrat.

So I guess what some of us are wondering is whether you place your allegiance to Hillary Clinton above or before your allegiance to the Democratic Party?

Your rhetoric of late has been so over the top and disproportionate that some of us are wondering.
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