Saturday, May 31, 2008

Barack Resigns from Trinity

"I could no more disown him than disown the black community," said a somber Barack Obama a few months ago.

That was then and this is now. It looks like Barky is not only disowning Wright but the entire Trinity United Church of Christ.

In breaking news, ABC News reports that Obama's campaign sent out a press release notifying the media that Obama had resigned from the Chicago church.

Like Larry Johnson of No Quarter notes, since "there are no more primaries in states with significant numbers of African Americans, he can throw those folks away.

Historically, Barky is very good at that kind of thing.

But praise the Lord and Hallelujah! About two dozen years too late...

Update: Michelle Obama also resigned her membership from Trinity.

I cannot begin to tell you how disappointed I am in the Democratic Party and its Rules Committee's decision on how to seat the Florida and Michigan. How can you decide to only seat some of the delegation or to take away their votes? How can you decide to award delegates to people who weren't even on the ballot in Michigan? What on earth is the party doing? What message does the party send to its members and to other citizens in the United States when it strips away the votes its citizens? It DOESN'T matter that you warned the states not to move up their primaries!!! You don't punish the elected officials and state parties who made the BAD decisions by stripping away the votes of your party members!!! How does that make sense? How short sighted of you all - after the voting scandals in Florida in 2000, especially! I cannot see any way around this - I used to wonder why people voted against their own best interest - i.e. why poor people would vote for Republican candidates, etc? I am starting to understand. It becomes clearer to me every day that the party elite and their groupies who control this party are out of touch with reality and are more concerned with their own position and status within the party than they are with doing the right thing or caring for their party members. Bye! Good riddance. You won't get any support from me in the future - I've made that mistake for the last time. I will not reward your irresponsible behavior with support in any way, shape, or form - no matter who your candidate is.
This is SO disrespectful and just childish. You claim to want civility, but you call Barack Obama "Barky"? This isn't second grade. Also, African-American voters have been attuned to Obama's message throughout the campaign and for most people, the church issue has gotten out of hand. Never before has a candidate been held accountable for something that someone else said in such an intimate way. Obama has been working hard for all his supporters, including African-Americans, whom you obviously know little about. African-Americans want to know who will help the economy and improve health care, just like every other voter, and they don't appreciate Hillary Clinton saying they aren't hardworking because they're not white.
Hey, I never said I wanted to be civil.

Besides, that's his "loving" nickname; you know, kinna like the bitch that refuses to quit...
You don't want to be civil, yet ANYTHING slightly negative that someone says about Hillary Clinton is automatically labeled "sexist" and "unfair". You want respect for Hillary Clinton, which is understandable, but you don't return the same respect. Please explain this logic.
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