Saturday, May 24, 2008

Appalachian Politics with Mudcat

In an interview with Politico, Dave "Mudcat" Saunders has a few choice words of warning to superdelegates and Obatrons.
“Republicans will hit Obama for a lack of military experience. They will hit him as being out of touch with regular working-class voters. And then the NRA is going to take a wire brush to him on handguns,” Saunders said. “And he’s got to come to a reckoning on all these. Because you can put Jesus Christ at the second spot and if he ain’t right with Virginians, he ain’t going to win.”
Add Ohio, West Virginia and Pennsylvania to the equation and one can see why Republicans are just giddy with joy right about now.

Don't believe? Go ahead and read the disturbing voting analysis from Corrente with charts that do not lie.

Good quote from Mudcat. Thanks!
"Republicans will hit Obama for a lack of military experience." what? They hit Kerry despite his military credentials. They hit Bill Clinton for dodging the draft. I like Mudcat, but this is a GOP playbook point...its not new. Hillary has no military credentials whatsoever, so why would she be a better alternative? Military leaders despised Bill Clinton...what makes you think they'd respect Hillary, especially since she still doesn't know her position on the war?

Clinton has consistently supported tough gun laws, so this "change" into some pro-gun legislator just won't fly.

The reason why Democrats might not win this fall is because of voter malaise. People are sick of hearing about complaints and whining from the political campaigns. What was once a spirited race has made people tired of politics. The issues have taken a back seat to Hillary's latest "verbal gaffe" or Obama's latest church speaker.
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