Monday, May 26, 2008

Another Phony Scandal

Paul Krugman of The New York Times shows us the ridiculous way the media has treated Hillary Clinton throughout her presidential campaign; and how maybe, just maybe her sacred "negatives" have more than a little something-something to do with media framing since forever than anything else.

It is, in a way, almost appropriate that the final days of the struggle for the Democratic nomination have been marked by yet another fake Clinton scandal — the latest in a long line that goes all the way back to Whitewater.
Indeed it is!

[I]t’s absurd to suggest, as some Obama supporters immediately did, that Mrs. Clinton was making some kind of dark hint about Barack Obama’s future.

But then, it was equally absurd to portray Mrs. Clinton’s assertion that it took L.B.J.’s political skills to turn Martin Luther King’s vision into legislation as an example of politicizing race. Yet the claim that Mrs. Clinton was playing the race card, which was promoted by some Obama supporters as well as in a memo by a member of Mr. Obama’s staff, achieved wide currency.

Yes, the media have been shameless Obama lapdogs! You can't blame a guy for trying to clear the field for ol' time's sake, though.
[M]any grass-roots Clinton supporters feel that she has received unfair, even grotesque treatment. And the lingering bitterness from the primary campaign could cost Mr. Obama the White House.
And indeed it will!

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