Tuesday, April 29, 2008

The Wright Stuff

Everyone has been asking the seminal question, "Why did Rev. Jeremiah Wright do it?"

This morning, Mikka Brzezinski of "Morning Joe" kept expressing disbelief that Wright, a man who is savvy about media news cycles would do such deliberate and irreparable damage to poor Bambi.

As the horror and shock of Wright's words played out in the media, a growing sneaky suspicion germinated in the mind of Howling Latina; this Wright business was a set-up to make the Wright problem go away.

WTF, you may ask, but....

The New York Times wrote an article about blogosphere reaction to Wright with links to Andrew Sullivan, an Obama supporter and quotes from the Daily Disher:
That was a very impressive, clear and constructive re-framing of the core message of his candidacy; and a moment given to him by Wright. No one will ever be able to say that Obama threw his father-figure and pastor under the bus. We all know that the reverse happened. We also know that this clear repudiation of Wright's toxic, indeed "ridiculous" views on AIDS, 9/11 and permanent immiseration of people of color could not have happened unless Wright had made it necessary. Skeptics may wonder whether Wright actually deliberately did Obama a favor. I doubt it. But a favor it unintentionally is.
Indeed! And that might just explain the joy and glee in Rev. Wright's face as he told AmeriKKKa to kiss his ass.

Talk about shooting two birds with one news flash...not that there is anything wrong with it...a person's gotta do what it takes to win, right?

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