Wednesday, April 16, 2008

While the Pope Fiddles U.S. Supreme Court Ok's Death

There are no coincidences; it has been said many times over that worldly coincidences are God's winks of love on earth.


On the very day Pope Benedict XVI was being welcomed to the White House with much pomp and pageantry, the U.S. Supreme Court ruled that lethal injection was not unconstitutional; it was just honky-dory. The Catholic faith opposes capital punishment.

Bloomberg reports that in a 7-2 decision, the Court upheld Kentucky's three-drug cocktail, "saying the state ha[d] adequate safeguards to ensure inmates [wouldn't] endure significant pain."

A little pain, no big would we find out anyway...?

Chief Justice John Roberts wrote the majority opinion and claimed that just "because an execution method [could] result in pain" didn't necessarily "establish the sort of objectively intolerable risk of harm that qualifie[d] as cruel and unusual.''

Hmmm, let's see if Pope Benedict as leader of the Catholic church weighs in on the matter.

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