Saturday, April 26, 2008

The Rules

Obama lives by his own golden set of rules. Everything Hillary, Bill or any surrogate says is divisive or worst. racist. It's only a matter of time before Chelsea is labeled racist too. Of course, everything Obama says is hunky dory and simply "differentiating."

Well, there's a list making the rounds that Howling Latina was too busy to post yesterday but...since she has a little time tonight, she thought it would be a swell time to disabuse false impressions advanced by media elites that Hillary has been a barracuda in her relentless attacks of The Chosen One.

Here are a series of queries and answers from a campaign quiz:

Who said Hillary Clinton is "literally willing to do anything to win"? David Axelrod, Barack Obama's chief strategist.

Who said Hillary Clinton is attempting to "deceive the American people"? The Obama campaign.

Who claimed Hillary Clinton has a secret 20-year plan to become president? Barack Obama.

Who said Hillary Clinton is "making the run for the best actress nomination"? Top Obama surrogate.

Who called Hillary Clinton a calculating, poll-tested, divisive figure? Barack Obama.

Who called Hillary Clinton "one of the most secretive politicians in America"? David Plouffe, Barack Obama's campaign manager.

Who said Hillary Clinton's campaign is "playing politics with war"? The Obama Campaign.

Who said John McCain is seen as more honest and trustworthy than Hillary Clinton? Barack Obama's campaign spokesman.

Who called Hillary Clinton dishonest? Barack Obama

Who referred to Hillary Clinton as "a monster"? Top Barack Obama advisor.

Who said Hillary Clinton is "not being straight with the American people"? Barack Obama.

Who said of Hillary, "The American people are not going to elect a president that they do not trust"? David Plouffe, Barack Obama's campaign manager.

Who claimed Hillary Clinton "consistently" and "deliberately" misleads the American people? Barack Obama's campaign spokesman during a teleconference.
Still not convinced that Obama is the one doing all of the attacking...? Then go ahead and read the article by Geoff Garin of The Washington Post smacking down Obama for his forked-tongue mischaracterization and more than a little projecting.

In the meantime, the howler has a whole slew of attacks from Obama Camp that she'll try to post tomorrow.

Hi HL! I was just doing exactly what you have done. :D. and in searching for one of the quotes i came across your article. I'm glad to see others are following the truth and not buying into Barack's B.S.
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