Friday, April 18, 2008

Robinson - ABC Debate One of the Best Ones

Eugene Robinson of the Washington Post (a not-so-secret Obama supporter) penned a column today declaring the debate between Hillary and Obama at ABC News was "one of the better debates of the campaign." And "that's saying something," he added, "since it was the 21st such encounter for Clinton and Obama."

Howling Latina can't help but hearken to all the Fred Thompson media hype before he imploded. Equal to Republicans, Dems want a savior to take them to the promised land of victory, yet unlike GOPers, they seem to be shunning the person likeliest to do the hard work it takes to secure a win.

Back when Hillary was getting slapped around by just about everyone, she never once complained. It wasn't until months and months later when "Saturday Night Live" broke the news that media elites took noticed how unfair they'd been to Hillary.

Suck it up, Obamatrons; this is the real world of politics. Just like Bill Clinton told a cheering crowd, politics is a "contact sport. If you don't want to play, keep your uniform off."

Besides, like Robinson noted, Obama may have been "grilled [but] to a lesser extent" so was Hillary. All the gnashing of teeth and hyper bloviating by media pundits (more not-so-secret Obama partisans) is blather meant to conceal just how poorly their hero did on Wednesday night.

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