Tuesday, April 08, 2008

Right Wing Operative Brings Penn Down

How does one explain a right-wing operative outing former senior Clinton campaign strategist Mark Penn so that he has to step down???

Raw Story reports that Roger Stone last week leaked information to the Wall Street Journal about "Penn's contract...with the Colombian government." Penn was hired to steer the Colombian government through Congress and prevail in winning a free trade agreement; this was in contravention to Hillary's position.
The Washington Post reports that Penn was on a top-level Clinton campaign call Monday morning and will help the candidate prepare for her April 16 debate with Barack Obama.
If he's that good of a strategist, thankyoujeeses. Still...kinna makes you wonder why a "right-wing hit man" would take the trouble to bring Penn down. HL is sure that Obama's inexperience next to McCain had absolutely nothing to do with it. Stone probably just secretly hearts Obama.

For the proverbial cynic, though, try to not keep in mind how Stone predicted former Gov. Eliot Spitzer would not finish his term...and he was right.

The problem with Hillary Clinton's "experience" claim is that A) it doesn't work all that well and B) it leaves her utterly vulnerable to John McCain.

Look at it this way; if I should vote for Clinton because she has more experience over Obama, doesn't it stand to reason that I ought to vote for McCain over Clinton because he has more experience?
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