Saturday, April 05, 2008

Pro-Obama Blogger Traffic Down

It looks like calling Hillary a lying slut hasn't worked out as well as some might have liked. A few progressives have taken a hit. Broward's Blog explains:
A quick review of the graphics below tell a surprising tale: traffic is down significantly on the pro-Obama sites (30% or more over the past month), but about level on the pro-Clinton and "neutral" sites.
AmericaBlog "experienced a 40% drop in peak weekly traffic over the past 30 days." Daily Kos lost 500,000 visitors "on peak traffic days." Neutral Atrios is doing just fine. It has "maintain[ed] a relatively flat slope on traffic gains or losses." Pro-Clinton Talk Left has been "relatively stable over the past 30 days." Finally, MyDD (also Clinton leaning) has "remained fairly static at the height of the candidate wars."

Howling Latina has had her private suspicions, especially since she no longer finds the time to visit DailyKos, Americablog and others; too toxic.

Nope, instead she now drops in to see Taylor Marsh, Corrente, No Quarter USA, The Left Coaster, Talk Left, and The Confluence.

As for Air America, no time for its shows, either. But she sure is glad to see Randy Rhodes get her comeuppance; and Ed Schultz, too. Now let's see how long before Tweety and Olbermann get what's long overdue them.

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