Wednesday, April 09, 2008

Oprah No Longer 'Queen of Daytime TV'

Equal to pro-Obama bloggers who've been shedding traffic, Politico reports that Oprah has seen her favorability numbers plummet; that's right, she's "no longer the 'Queen of daytime TV.'"

Oh dear...

It seems from the time Oprah announced her support of Obama on "Larry King Live" in May 2007, Americans started to have second thoughts about the daytime television superstar.

A CBS News poll in August 2007, "showed only 61 percent of Americans were favorably disposed to her — a considerable drop of 13 percentage points from a similar survey conducted just seven months prior." It has only gotten worst.

Immediately after she announced she was going on the campaign trail for Obama in December, Oprah's favorability further dropped to 55 percent with an all-time high negative of 33 percent.

On March 26, 2008, AOL conducted a popularity poll. The results were ugly. They "reveal Americans may now embrace Ellen DeGeneres over Oprah by a wide margin."

Forty-six percent of the 1.35 million people who participated in the poll said the daytime talk show host that "made their day” was Ellen, compared with only 19 percent who chose Oprah. Nearly half (47 percent) said they would rather dine with Ellen, compared with 14 percent who preferred Oprah.
Ellen supports Hillary; she's just not obnoxious about it.

There is also buzz that Chris Matthews, another rabid Obama supporter, may be getting the ax from MSNBC when his contract expires next year. Keith Olbermann's ratings have also waned as of late.

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