Saturday, April 05, 2008

Olbermann Reduced to Name-Calling

Wah, wah, wah.

Gov. Ed Rendell earlier remarked that Fox News "had the 'fairest' coverage during the 2008 presidential race." Then like a spoiled little brat caught trying to steal his big brother's lunch, Keith Olbermann's gravitas was reduced to juvenile name-calling.

Media Bistro reports that Olbermann threw a hissy fit and called Rendell an "idiot" right before honoring him with his bogus 'Worst Person in the World,' an honor more rightfully belonging to Olbermann.

Never fear, though. Rob of SAY ANYTHING blog hits the nail on Olbermann shameless biased head with the following commentary:
The funny thing is that Olbermann’s rant about Rendell’s perfectly acceptable comment actually proves the latter’s point perfectly, at least as far as MSNBC is concerned.
Oh dear; nothing to see behind that curtain; move along.

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