Thursday, April 24, 2008

Obama Buyer's Remorse

How very interesting....

Howling Latina's daughter voted for Barack Obama in the Texas primary; and she is the latest person to share her buyer's remorse of the Obama kind.

"Mom, I voted for Hillary in the primary and will vote for Obama in the presidency if he's the nominee," she told me. "But I've recently changed my mind. If I had to vote today, I'd vote for Hillary."
To this anecdote add the story of the howler's cousin and husband, both former Obama supporters from Virginia, and both now solidly in Hillary's corner after the Wright imbroglio. Unfortunately, neither will commit to voting for Obama in the fall.

It seems Obama wins in February may have been rooted in Dems afraid of missing the bandwagon as it traveled across their states. Voters couldn't wait to jump on. Obama, after all, was the golden ray of light that was to bring Dems and Independents from the abyss of politics as usual.

Then spring inevitably arrived with its educating primaries and Obama gaffes -- all front and center in the new light of day -- each shedding ever-increasing light into the core and spirit of the Democratic presidential front runner and anointed One.

Make no mistake about it. If all the February primaries were held today, Hillary would do much, much better. And in that spirit and sentiment, HL predicts Hill will do well in North Carolina and Indiana and get stronger and stronger with each primary. Moreover, open primaries no longer favor Obama.

Dan Kennedy of The Guardian frames buyer's remorse as follows:

It strikes me as at least possible that many Democrats are experiencing buyer's remorse. Obama came out of nowhere and wrapped this up early. The numbers are such that it's still almost certain that he'll be the nominee. Yet it may be that Clinton, for all her flaws and baggage, is better suited to go into battle
this fall against John McCain.

If nothing else, her protracted fight against Obama has reminded Democrats that she will fight like a crazed weasel, a quality that has not always been evident in Obama. Yes, last week's ABC debate was a train wreck; Charlie Gibson and George Stephanopoulos's shameless performance was an insult
to the intelligence of everyone who watched.

But Obama did not acquit himself particularly well. If he had angrily told the moderators that their questions were stupid and had then proceeded to talk about, say, the mortgage crisis for a few minutes, voters might have stood up and cheered. Instead, he sputtered and pandered, and allowed himself to be diminished by the proceedings rather than rising above them.
Geez, wonder if some intrepid and enterprising pollsters will dare test the howler's hypothesis in a place like, oh, Virginia just to check the temperature of buyer's remorse. A little something-something for supers to think about...

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