Thursday, April 17, 2008

Obama Fans Shocked by Dose of Reality

If there is one consistent theme throughout the blogosphere and media today after Obama was handed back his knell of hope in a plastic baggie is that whatever happened last night was unscrupulous. unconscionable and unjust.

Phony outrage against ABC News who moderated the Obama-Clinton debate abounds in the finest coterie of derisive words such as shameful, despicable, shoddy, specious, gossipy, biased, hostile, cringe-worthy, a physical act of violence, completely lacking integrity, wall to wall ugly, the absolute worst debate ever...

How dare ABC News do to the Chosen One what every media outlet has been doing to Hillary since forever? But geez, really, don't hold back, what did you really think of the debate...?

Oh yes, memory is a many splendored thing. Back when Hillary was getting her pile-on from all sides of the dais no one seemed to mind because, well, she was the front-runner after all. It's kind of ironic that the people complaining the loudest today are the very ones who clapped, cheered and jeered when Hillary was getting what was due her because, well, just because she was her. Corrente explains:

Wow, one out of twenty-one debates isn’t slanted their way, and it’s time to break out the hankies. These people are statistically worse than George Harrison’s taxman.

And do they actually think Barry faced a grilling half as bad as HRC did in the Russert-Williams Snuff Debate? Yes, thanks to the miracle of truthiness, they do.

Dear Obamatrons, did you really think your hero was just going to be handed the nomination because of his magic wand of hope "full of sound and fury, signifying nothing" that a typical white person clinging to religion, guns and flag could relate to???

Quit your infernal whining; next thing you know, Imus is going to be calling your candidate an "almost a bigger pussy than [Hillary]". Not a good thing.

What's more, if you want St. Obama to win, excluding Michigan and Florida and one half of the Democratic party is not the winning way. And griping about the mean bullies in the media is also not helpful. This is the candidacy for the president of the United States of America; not some little state office that you can game the system and rid yourself of pesky opponents.

Psss, Hillary ain't Alice L. Palmer.

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