Tuesday, April 22, 2008

Obama Ducking Fast

News of Obama ducking the North Carolina debate with Hillary Clinton should come as no surprise in light of how Obama got his clock cleaned in the televised Pennsylvania debate almost a week ago.

It doesn't look like North Carolina voters are going to have a chance to hear and see Barack answer any of their concerns in unscripted moments up close and personal. Barack supporters in North Carolina claimed of "growing concerns about what another debate would do to party unity" and shut it down.

Hmmm, so you shut down debates, dismiss Florida and Michigan voters, demand the first viable female presidential candidate drop out, all under the sham banner of solidarity. More doublespeak from the new kind of candidate who refuses to play by the same old politics of the past.

But hey, why go to the belly of the beast, as Hill did last night when she appeared on Keith Olbermann's Obama Central??? After all, the media has already decided he is The Chosen One, Hillary just needs to stop creating problems and quit.

Obama is also ducking reporters of late. A quick stroll through the blogosphere reveals that Obama hasn't "given a press conference in 10 days." Reporters have been reduced to asking questions on the run and Obama is getting a little testy.

Call her paranoid, but the howler can't help but hearken back to the horror show that was Bush in avoiding press questions during his campaign and presidency.

Is this the visionary hope that Obama is trying to peddle to voters?!? Makes sense in Obama World...

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