Wednesday, April 02, 2008

Jim Webb & Hillary Clinton in Joint Press Release

Sens. Hillary Clinton and Jim Webb released a joint statement to the press today calling for the Department of Defense to expedite the audit of "army body procurement" practices.

The Senators requested that the scope of the GAO review include:

1) A comparison and testing of the Interceptor Body Armor system with other commercially available products including the Pinnacle Dragon Skin Body Armor system and the Special Operations Forces Equipment Advanced Requirements (SPEAR) to determine if troops are currently issued the best available body armor system;

2) A determination of the necessary procurement steps required to obtain and field the best body armor ystems for the armed forces;

3) A review to confirm compliance and applicability of current body armor system policies and Safety-of-Use Messages for wear that apply to conventional forces and special operations forces in Iraq and Afghanistan.

Click here for full text.

The nice pic shown above is from Webb's Senate run in '06. Meanwhile, one can't help but speculate about any possible hidden meaning in timing, especially in light of the heated debate going on between Hill & Barry.

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