Friday, April 04, 2008

Immigration Fight Hurts White Conservatives Too

This video initially posted at Raising Kaine is as gut-wrenching as anything HL has ever seen.

Businesses and homeowners are really hurting. The community that laughed when Latinos held a one-day boycott last year isn't laughing so much today.

Everyone tried to warn Prince William County voters before last year's elections to not vote for Mr. Stewart and his ilk. But voters didn't listen and now they've reaped the vile fruits of their county leaders. It's a sad, sad day for Manassas, a city that was once so cozy and friendly before carpetbaggers ran it into the ground.

¡Qué triste! Lloyd Harris would die all over again.

You really should mention which is doing a wonderful job covering the racists in Prince William.

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