Monday, April 28, 2008

I'll Debate You on the Back of a Flatbed Truck

First Obama raised concerns about debating Hillary because moderators were so mean.

Hillary said no problem; we'll debate, mano-a-mano, Lincoln-Douglas doggie style.

Obama then said nope for if he were to debate Hillary, it would just take him away from the people who adore him since a debate would have to be held in some stuffy studio.

No problem, Hill replied. I'll come to wherever you are. Heck, we can even debate on the back of a flatbed pickup truck for all I care.

Smackdown time; it's the tenth frame and your turn to bowl, senator.

H/T The Confluence

I just wonder why Obama has no backbone to go on a looks like "Unkle Jerry" will need to "Barry" Obama if he goes through the debate. Maybe Barry Y'Omama is afraid that Hillary will put the final nail in his coffin!

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