Tuesday, April 15, 2008

Huffington Jumps the Shark

Huffington Post front-paged the most baleful, misogynist, toxic image on her Web site. Hillary and McCain are morphed into one shameful monster to reflect the old biddy's use of "the very same words" that McCain used to attack St. Obama.

Oh, the impudence of pointing out the obvious!

Howling Latina will not link; if you want, go check for yourself; and then please tell her what Obamatrons would say if a pro-Hillary site posted an image as ghastly as that one.

Obamatrons are hurting their candidate and party; and they need to stop before the movement they built during the last eight painful years is torn to shreds.

Does anyone remember how united we were when Hillary was ahead?? What ever happened to that???

They have used the same words. I see this as a pefectly valid point. Just as Hillary's use of Obama's gaffe, as long as used correctly, is appropriate. But if she chooses to go on the attack about this, she has to expect criticism from those worried about party unity. The truth is even with the gaffe, this is still Obama's game to lose. Most polls show very little change after the fact (Hillary's average on RCP jumped from 7.0 to 8.4, not the bump she wanted). InTrade still shows him as an 80% favorite.
The post is not what's offensive, it's the image.
I couldn't agree more. The image is what's offensive. I've already seen images of Hillary and Bill morphed - but McCain and Clinton? Don't these Obamaphiles know that they need the other 50% of Democratic voters (Hillary voters) in the general election? Huffpo, Daily Kos, Keith Obamaman and the rest of the Obama-mad media are alienating half of the Democratic voters and they are so blind they can't even see it!

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