Tuesday, April 08, 2008

The Horror, the horror...!

Sen. Jim Webb was recently denounced at Obama Central for alarmingly independent comments. How dare any Dem get off the reservation! It's the unity shtick, of course.

Last Sunday, Sen. Jim Webb told George Stephanopoulos on "This Week" that when deciding who the best candidate to go up against Sen. John McSame, he will use his independent judgment as a superdelegate and vote accordingly.

From past history, nothing wrong with that. Webb has had pretty good judgment.

No matter. Obama Central slammed the junior senator from Virginia and framed his remarks as heresy: "Webb: SuperDelegates SHOULDN'T FOLLOW VOTERS !" Besides, he's a Republican, don't cha know...

Hmmm, the post doesn't exactly say which voters Webb would not be following. Are they the ones in Florida and Michigan?? Or the ones in Ohio, California, Nevada, Arizona, New Mexico, Oklahoma, Arkansas, Tennessee, New York, New Jersey, Connecticut, Massachusetts and New Hampshire???

Well, 110 commenters weighed in on the horror!

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