Tuesday, April 08, 2008

Hillary Speaks...C-SPAN Turns Mike Off

It was high noon at The Senate Armed Services Committee hearing with General Petraeus and Iraqi Ambassador Ryan Crocker. Viewers breathlessly waited for Democratic presidential candidate Hillary Clinton to take a turn at questioning the pair.

But oops, so sorry; at that exact moment, C-SPAN decided to turn the mike off, shut the lights out and switch to some lame House hearing.

Thus, if you wanted to hear what Hillary had to say, you had to quickly switch to MSNBC, which fortunately covered the entire exchange.

By 12:55, Cableland was redeemed, though. C-SPAN was back at the switch. The exact timing, ¿quién sabe? The howler had gone to the dark side with Andrea Mitchell; maybe right after Hillary's turn was over.

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