Monday, April 21, 2008

Hillary Clinton Winner if Election Held Today

Taylor Marsh has a fascinating post with an electoral map breakdown if the presidential election were held today instead of in the fall.

Marsh notes that according to, "if the election were held today between Clinton and McCain or Obama and McCain," no ifs ands or buts, Hillary conclusively wins.

Clinton 289
McCain 239
Result: President Hillary Clinton
Obama 260
McCain 254
Result: Inconclusive, and rather troubling.
Of the swing states, Hillary wins Florida, Ohio, Michigan, Wisconsin, West Virginia, Minnesota, Washington, Oregon, Nevada, California, Maine and Pennsylvania. Obama loses Florida, New Hampshire and Ohio for a total of 51 electoral votes.

Obama ties Colorado and North Carolina for 21 electoral votes; this doesn't exactly make up the loss, but don't worry; keep on believing...until hope slaps you in the face and you are once again crying the blues in November.

Gosh, I'm glad you're back!
Thanks! Just trying to add a voice to Hillary supporters.
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