Sunday, April 13, 2008

Clinton Wins Redo in Nevada

The bitch that won't quit won again in a redo.

CQ Politics reports that Hillary Clinton "won a do-over county convention in Nevada on Saturday, cementing her narrow win in the state over Democratic rival Barack Obama heading into the state convention in May."

More than 6,300 delegates participated Saturday, according to the Nevada Democratic Party. Clinton won 1,330 delegates from Clark County while Obama won 1,133 delegates.

Heading into Saturday, Obama had won the majority of the delegates in the state’s other 15 county conventions, 512 of 900. But Clinton’s win in Clark County, by far the state’s most populous county, gave her the lead statewide 1,718 to 1,645, for delegates to the May 17 state convention in Reno, where Nevada Democrats will select delegates to the national convention in Denver this August.

Indeed, one can certainly see now why Obamatrons wish to let sleeping dogs filled with flees in Florida and Michigan lie instead of taking them to the vet for a flea bath.

Get rid of the blood sucking insects and next thing you know, wham, the dogs rise up and bite you in the ass.

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