Wednesday, March 26, 2008

Nancy, STFU

Howling Latina loves House Speaker Nancy Pelosy, but she truly wishes the gentle lady from California would STFU.

Once again, she's insisting that superdelegates must not overturn the will of the primary and caucus voters. Rassmusen poll begs to differ.

Meanwhile in the Drudge Report, er, I mean Politico, former Democratic Tennessee Gov. Phil Bredesen is quoted as fully agreeing with Nancy in an ominous warning to Dems.
If Obama were denied the nomination by Democratic insiders after winning the party’s popular vote, Bredesen said, 'There would be hell to pay in the party for a long time to come.”
Oh really?!?

Well you may want to read the latest Gallup poll and then tell the voters in Michigan and Florida about the will of voters. As to the idiocy that superdelegates must vote how their states voted, please be sure to give the news to Gov. Bill Richardson and then take your own advice as well.

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